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Headaches rank second to the common cold as the most bothersome condition facing Americans today. At least 50 million Americans experience headaches that are so severe that they consult a doctor. The most common types of headaches are migraine headaches, cluster headaches due to trigeminal neuralgia, neck and shoulder tension , sinusitis, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ).

The SPG (Sphenopalatine Ganglion) is a cluster of nerves that are related to the trigeminal nerve, which is strongly related to headache disorders. The nerve bundle is located just behind the bony structures of the nose.

An SPG nerve block, or SPG block, is a non-invasive treatment and has been shown effective in up to 80% of these patients. Once applied, the SPG block can relieve headache pain quickly and help prevent future attacks. An SPG block provides most patients with immediate relief of pain from headaches, cranio-facial pain, migraines or trigeminal neuralgia.

Some highlights include:

  • Most patients experience immediate relief

  • 10 minute in-office procedure

  • Safe for children and pregnant women

  • Little or no downtime

  • Covered by many insurance companies

  • Relief up to 3 months

  • Needle-free

  • Same-day appointments are possible

The risks of the procedure are typically minimal, including:

  • Discomfort during and after the procedure

  • Numb sensation when swallowing

  • Bitter taste from the anesthesia

  • Bleeding from the nose

  • Light-headedness.

These side effects typically resolve within minutes to a few hours. There is a very small risk of seizure, infection and allergic reaction.

If you are interested in trying a safe and effective form of migraine management, feel free schedule HERE

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